Vastu for Drawing Room

A room of the house where the family receives their guests, sit together, watch TV & chat is called a drawing-room. This can be termed as a mirror of the house. This leaves the first impression of the house. Generally drawing room is built in the front portion of the house. One can observe many things about the house by position and architecture of the drawing-room, in other words, the drawing-room explains the house. Let’s see how the drawing-room can inform us about the house;

  • If this is positioned near the right-hand side window of the main door while looking from inside has the well-educated owner or his son and everybody likes him.
  • If the same condition as on the left-hand side then either of mother or daughter is much sensitive & wise. She can cheat anybody by her nature. It is due to this quality that they have to face defamation.
  • If the Puja room is attached to the drawing-room even by a door or the drawing room is in the Puja room itself, then the owner earns from real estate. He is very wise & intelligent. One of the children of the family is wise, intelligent, and wealthy, like the father. The landlord is liked by all and gets tremendous support from his wife. He gets the support of his business acquaintances without much effort. He is quite romantic and gets benefits from his male & female friends easily. He is behavioral and eloquent.
  • All the members of the house are wise if the Puja place is inside the drawing hall due to lack of space. Only care must be taken to keep it well ventilated and lighted.
  • In many houses food is cooked inside the drawing-room or kitchen is in front of the drawing-room due to small size of house or lack of space. This is quite dangerous & inauspicious and creates animosity among relations. All the friends of the husbands gradually go away. The wife faces problems in conceiving or in delivery and the children do not grow in education.
  • If an underground water source is in the drawing-room then the husband & wife both cheat their friends by double-crossing. One of their youngest siblings settles away.
  • If the couple uses this room as a bedroom and also keeps their money & jewelry here, then the lady is wise, beautiful & eloquent. The landlord earns handsomely in real estate easily. He enjoys all the luxury of life. Husband loves wife and they both enjoy a good relationship. The wife is also beautiful & sensitive. It is auspicious to keep money in an iron almirah in the drawing-room.
  • If the grains of the house are stored in the drawing or the storeroom is attached with the drawing-room then, all family members are wise, intelligent, authors, and earn profit in business. The landlord is an ontological & good person and gets support from female friends.

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