If a toilet is located in the wrong direction then Crysto Pyra is good to be used. They should be used in 5 clusters of 9 Crysto Pyras each cluster. Similarly, if the Kitchen is not located in a positive direction then the Crysto Pyras are good to be used. Likewise, the wrong positioning & placement of the staircase is also recommended to be cured with Crysto Pyras.

Traditionally long back the Pyramids were being used by the ancient clairvoyant people dealing in different occult sciences. The same methodology has taken a different shape in modern times. When the real Pyramids became costly & out of reach of a common person then the Vastu consultants started advising on Pyramids made of Marble. These were known as the Marbo-Pyras. But the energy effectiveness was not encouraging. Therefore, the most energetic material was tested and it gave very good feelers. Yes, these were made of real crystal. In this case, the user could get the benefit of Crystal as well as Pyramid. But the cost of each such Pyramid was so high that it went out of the reach of a common man.

The real use of Crysto-Pyra was felt when the earth’s energy level felt to be shooting up substantially. There was no meter to check the energy level during that time but the user was feeling much more comfortable.

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