The fundamental rules while evaluating flats are the same as those which come into play while evaluating independent houses. As people wanting to buy apartments have no control over the factors governing the selection of land for the apartments, use some of the guidelines like the shape of the building, compound gates, the position of the water tank, open space around the building and general layout of the complex for the first round of elimination. Next, concentrate on the individual apartments and the choices available therein and select one with a maximum number of advantages as per Vastu rules. The following points should be kept in mind while selecting the apartments.

  • Your apartment should be regular in shape. Square and rectangular shapes are good. L or C-shaped apartments should be avoided.
  • There should be no obstruction to the main entrance of the apartment.
  • The surroundings of the apartment should be aesthetically pleasing. Healthy looking plants and trees, lush green lawns and brightly coloured flower beds benefit all the residents of the complex.
  • The elevators, staircases and corridors should be well lit and generous in size. Narrow, gloomy and badly lit corridors and stairs have a negative effect.
  • Stairs, elevators should not directly face the main entrance of the apartment.
  • The main entrance should not be in the south or south-west, west of south-west, east of south-east of north of north-west.
  • Staircases for all apartments and flats should be in the south-west, south or west. As an alternative, staircases can be in the north-west or south-west. Avoid stairs in northeast, east and north. This is applicable even for internal stairs in duplex apartments.
  • Flats with the main entrance in the north of northeast, east of north-east, south of south-east and west of north-west are auspicious. As a rule, avoid flats with the main door in south or west of south-west and east of south-east.

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