Sound sleep is essential for our physical and mental well-being. Our body rejuvenates itself during the time we are sleeping. It is recommended for people to sleep with their heads to the South. Our ancients advised that the body enjoys perfect health and longer life by sleeping with head towards the South. Sages like Mankandeya and Garga have said . that one should lie with his head towards South, for strengthening health and longevity.

Our ancestors were past masters in various known and unknown sciences and understood that the sleeping direction is directly correlated with the sciences of magnetism and thermal electricity. When the Eastern part of the earth is heated by Sun, its Western part remains cold. Consequently, thermal electricity generated by the Sun travels over the surface of the earth from East to West. The earth, thereby, becomes magnetized and its geographical North pole, which is to the right-hand side of the current, becomes the magnetic North pole, and its geographical South pole being on the left-hand side of the same current becomes the magnetic South Pole. It is also known that the earth is a huge magnet with its pot having attractive and repulsive powers. It is evident by placing a compass needle which invariably points to the North.

It has also been proved that the human body contains a large percentage of iron in the blood which circulates all through the body. This makes the human body a magnetizable object. Our feet are in contact with this huge magnet, the earth, for the most part of the day. This induces South polarity in our feet and North polarity in our head. As we know that opposite poles of a magnet attract and the same poles repel, keeping the head (North pole of our body) towards North (North pole of the earth) causes repulsion leading to disturbance in blood circulation and the body becoming vulnerable to diseases. While lying with the head (North pole of the body) towards the South (South pole of the earth) the opposite magnetic poles attract each other thereby preserving the polarity of the body. The blood circulation is normal and health remains good.

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