Crystals are naturally found rocks that occur in nature and are then extracted and cleaned. A good crystal is one that has not been polished. A crystal is something that has so many positive attributes that it can be beneficial to everyone who wants to keep it on their premises.

Crystals have been here for many many years and have always been used as s symbol of positivity for mankind.

Crystals are essentially made out of minerals or clusters of minerals. Each piece of Crystal specifically is a molecular mass vibrating at a certain frequency and that is something that gives the crystal its own special positive energy.

Having some amount of knowledge about crystals can take us a long way in the process of getting to know the crystals better.

The more we understand the crystals and the more knowledge we gather about them, the more effective they are for us.

Programming the crystals as per our needs, wants and demands is a crucial yet effective way to make them work as per our minds.

Programming crystals according to our lives is also very important. Our crystals are to be treated with utmost respect and safety.

There should be one day in the week that one can designate to the cleansing of the crystals that we own. This will make it more efficient and effective in reaching our goals.

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