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Clients Testimonials and Reviews. Dr. Kunal Kaushik Reviews, Top Vastu Consultant.

Excellent Services by Dr. Kaushik. Thanks.

Since The day I have taken Vastu advice from Dr. Kunal Kaushik, my family life and my husband’s business prospects have improved significantly. Both my children use to lack behind in their respective education and career. However, after Dr. Kunal Kaushik’s Vastu Consultation, their studies have also improved a great deal. Thanks to Dr. Kunal Kaushik for proving to be a boon for me, my husband, and my children.

Mr. Kunal kaushik visited my house early in the year 2011 and there has been no stopping me since then. I have reached great heights in my business of textiles. After making minor changes without demolition in my factory, i have noticed an increase in my business.Thank you kunal ji for being my mentor and for helping me with my business.

I called Mr. kunal kaushik for vastu consultation and after visiting my house in dubai, he instructed me to correct my vastu flaws after which i noticed the flow of positivity in my house. There has been an increase in the health, wealth and Harmony in my premise. All this has been made possible by Mr. Kunal. I thank him from the bottom of my heart for being our guiding light.

hi….i got my house checked for Vastu defects a few days ago from Dr. Kunal Kaushik. I am very happy to announce that I have reached great heights since then. My boutique business showed a boom in it. I am very grateful to Mr. Kaushik for this. Thank you, sir. You are a real savior.

hello Kunal ji. my name is Naval and I have been a regular reader of your articles in various magazines and newspapers for a very long time. I have gained a lot of knowledge through your articles and I want to pursue a course also from your institute because if only reading the articles and putting them into practice could make me so prosperous, i can only imagine what learning Vastu from you would do.

I am honored to have gotten this opportunity to talk to and meet Kunal Ji in person. I want to tell you people that I am now having my own shop in a famous mall here in Pune. earlier I was only having a rented shop in this mall and after getting the Vastu survey done of my shop, my business increased. thanks to Kunal Ji.

I am a housewife who stumbled upon mr. kaushik’s website. i immediately contacted him and that has been, by far my best decision. i have noticed a significant growth in my husband’s career and my children, who used to run away from their studies have also started taking keen interest in their respective subjects.

kunal ji ki jai . guru ji kunal ji saw my kundli and noticed the major flaws in my kundli. made me wear a ruby in my right hand and i got to see the results within no time. i am deeply thankful to guru ji for giving me light. thankyou kunal ji.

kunal kaushik ji discussed the tarot with me on an online portal. i realised the truths of my life that i was unaware of, earlier. i am indebted to kunal ji for being such a great soul who not only cooperated with me to discuss my tarot online but also guided me in times of need. thankyou kunal ji

kunal sir had corrected my name according to numerology. it is unbelievable but i could see the results from day one. i am thankful and indebted to guruji for being a numerology expert who guided me and i also want to pay my regards to kunal vastu By Dr. Kunal Kaushik Vastu Shastra Consultant where everybody is welcome to take guidance from kunal ji.

kunal ji guru ji. namaste. i am deeptima, your client from kolkata. i recently shifted my house from one locality to another and i contacted guru ji to correct the house address of my house. thankyou guruji. my house is now a peaceful place where there is tranquility all aroud.

many a times in our lives me meet great people who affect us for the rest of our lives. my meeting with kunal sir took place in a conference that he was attending. he heard my problems patiently and told me to contact kunal vastu By Dr. Kunal Kaushik Vastu Shastra Consultant to get my kundli checked. He prescribed a coral to me. i have greatly benefitted from wearing that coral.

I am an ardent follower of kunal ji. guruji gave me a pyramid. it has worked very effectively for me and i have noticed an improvement in my career since then. thankyou guruji.

I got my condo designed according to vastu principles by Dr. Kunal Kaushik recently and i must say that my life has changed completely. The positivity in my house is immense.

I am here to express my heartfelt thanks to Dr. Kunal Kaushik for being my guiding light. I have gained immense confidence after my stint with vastu shastra. All the credits for my success go to Mr. Kaushik.

This is to thank kunal sir for the positivity that he has brought about in my house. i had been immensely depressed for the longest time and after the very first meeting with kunal ji i was blown away by the amount of knowledge that he has in this field. thank u sir. i am very grateful.